Arts and science are kept in the forefront on Knoxville property. Guests eagerly explore the McClung Museum of Natural History and Culture admiring an extensive collection plus permanent and rotating exhibits. With a mission to “to advance understanding and appreciation of the earth and its peoples” a variety of stories and transformations are interwoven here.

Permanent exhibits are composed of a variety of topics mixing history, culture and science. Travel abroad to Ancient Egypt:The Eternal Voice. A mesmerizing culture is excellently displayed from statues of the divine to the everyday tools for working the land in the Nile Valley. Many are intrigued by the exhibit’s section on mummification with protected amlets, animal mummies and other artifacts. The University of Tennessee Anthropology Department painstakingly prepared an eye opening exhibit into the controversy of evolution. With Human Origins:Searching for our Fossil Ancestors, the presentation of examples of transformation spans six million years.

Dinosaurs are Larger than Life on Knoxville Real Estate

In Geology and Fossil History of Tennessee one journeys back into the time of the dinosaurs when stepping through the doors. An array of prehistoric rocks and minerals start the exhibit off leading towards fossils hundreds of million years old. In this space a great screen projects key information concerning the earth’s geology such as climate, earthquakes, and volcanoes. Other permanent exhibits on the Knoxville property include Archaeology and the Native Peoples of Tennessee and The Decorative Experience.

Visitors love to linger about the museum’s collections. Bits and pieces of history put puzzles together. A larger than life collection features artwork completed by native peoples, ancient Roman artifacts, military items from both World War I and World War II and much more. Get to know the museum collection one piece of a time with the Object of the Week. Inquiring minds can check the facility website and learn about their weekly treasure here.

One visit to the McClung Museum of Natural History and Culture will barely scratch the surface. Free admision makes trips affordable for everyone. Open everyday it’s easy for those living in the Knoxville real estate region to schedule repeat visits. Come expand your mind!